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(Matt Bleakley´s Covid-19 free Zone)

Self-isolation. Mandatory home confinement. Social distancing. Wall to wall news about the Covid-19 pandemic. Honestly, I am sick (not literally) of it! I (and i imagine you tooneed a break from it all.

I am a British ex-pat who has been living and working in Madrid, Spain for over 8 years with his wife and 3 and half year old son.  I like millions of you across the world, I need to adapt to the circumstances, and our survival depends on staying positive and carrying on with our lives as best we can in these changing times.

So this website is a Covid-19 free Zone.  Everything here is designed to let people either escape the overwhelming constant bombardment of Corona Virus related news, by way of entertainment from everyday people like you who want to put a smile on someone´s face, or to help you learn practical things that will make the adjustment to living and working 24/7 at home that little bit easier and enable us all to get on with our lives in a positive way. 

All content is free and is owned by each individual contributor who also wants to make the world a slightly better place to be right now.  The only thing I ask is that you share this website with as many people as you know as a way of paying it forward, because it may just raise a smile or help someone who needs it during these difficult times. 

Also I welcome and encourage you to contact me and contribute your own ideas for this project, and sharing your unique value with the world during these challenging times.  It does not matter what you share, everyone has something valuable to add, so long as its either entertaining, boredom killing or practical tips for the change in our home life and/or work practices  we can all become a little stronger and better as a result of your input  (yes, you!). Help us stay connected to our humanity, even when many of us are isolated.

Finally, explore and flick through the variety of content available and enjoy. I am sure you will find something to your benefit! 

Stay positive and stay safe. We will all get through this together.

Matt Bleakley



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This is a project for EVERYONE across the world. This is a non-profit project No corporate advertising or promotion.  This project is about people not profit. (I have financed this project out of my own pocket because somethings are more important than money - especially now!)

Let us show and keep our human connection alive, please contact me about ideas for your content, or just to say "hi". Let´s make it happen!

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